So I guess I kind of have two blogs.  One is a Tumblr...more random/fun things that I see along my journeys across the interwebs.  The title of that blog is "EUYONYM" and the web address is "MDXIII" and I'll send you a gift if you can figure out why I called it that (seriously!).  I'll give you a clue before you even start and say that the first thing to do is is A: translate the roman numeral and then B: think about what it translates too and maybe try drawing/writing it in a bunch of different ways.  I don't know what prize I'd give you for figuring it out, but don't worry, it would be something really cool (not like a Ferrari or anything, be realistic).

And I guess this is my "new" blog. One thing that I want to do is share all the cool and useful stuff I find across the net with my friends/family/the world.  So here it is, some of it anyway. I have mixed thoughts about this, it's possibly/probably a good idea to consolidate my musings into a single spot (blog), but, you know, whatever...

11/07/2016 - November 7th, 2016 - 2016.11.07

So I've been using Google Chrome. mostly, since middle school, maybe even elementary school, I can't remember.  I am 29 now and that would have been like age 12 or maybe 13, I'm guessing.  As one might imagine, 17 years of using a browser can result in lots and lots of bookmarks.  Apparently, at least for myself, there were a ton of duplicates.  Distraught by the mess, I googled around and found a super useful extension called Fast Bookmark Scanner which has a simple interface and feels pretty magical when you start seeing (at least in my case) how many duplicate bookmarks I have/had.

There's an awesome extension called Tabs Outliner that is pretty much my favorite extension ever, these days.  There is a free version, which is great, but I paid for the premium version for two reasons:     1: respect/appreciation for the awesome dude who built the extension and    2: I think some of the paid features are useful for me.  Try it out and see for yourself.

Another favorite is context because I have a gazilllion extensions, and having too many makes Chrome slow.  Seriously, I've had to reinstall Chrome at least a couple times because I've bloated it up with extensions and apps.  This is an extension that sorts your other extensions into groups, so that you can have only the ones you need running in the background.  For example, I have a context for "music", "productivity", "utilities", and "meta" (since Context, for example, is an extension that works with other extensions).  Tabs Outliner and context would also also in the "meta group", but they're in the "always-enabled" section because they're so useful.

Adblock Plus (super useful for hiding the terrible ads that plague the world, it's in the "always enabled" group)

Adobe Acrobat  (note this one is almost never enabled for me)

Google Translate (super useful for all of us multi-lingual people)

Favicon Changer (if you're anything like me, you would like to have your own, custom favicons for your bookmarks, because they're more fun!)

Too Many Tabs for Chrome  (super indicative of my terrible, easily-distractable style of surfing the web, this is a pretty useful extension for grouping some of your tabs into little mini-pockets, or "sessions" I guess.

* [ Session Manager] 

* [ Tidy Bookmarks] 

* [ Turn Off the Lights] 

* [ Real-Time Tab Sync] 

* [ Adblock Plus] 

* [ Share Extensions] 

* [ Pushbullet] 

* [ OneTab] 

* [ Vimium] 

* [ High Contrast] 

* [ Copy All Urls] 

* [ Session Buddy] 

* [ Tabs Outliner] 

* [ Black Menu for Google™] 

* [ Dark Reader] 

* [ Stylish] 

* [ Tab Shutter] 

* [ Click&Clean] 

* [ Fast Bookmark Scanner] 

* [ Save to Google Drive] 

* [ Black Menu for Wikipedia] 

* [ SuperSorter] 

* [ Social Fixer for Facebook] 

* [ Favicon Changer] 

* [ Google +1 Button] 

* [ Gestures for Google Chrome™] 

* [ Chromium Wheel Smooth Scroller] 

* [ The Great Suspender] 

* [ StayFocusd] 

* [ Tab Pinner (Keyboard Shortcuts)] 

* [ Lightshot (screenshot tool)] 

* [ Ghostery] 

* [ TabCloud] 

* [ Duplicate Tab Shortcut Key] 

* [ Data Saver] 

* [ Evernote Web Clipper] 

'''Disabled Extensions: 14'''

* [ Minimalist for Everything] 

* [ MightyText - SMS from PC & Text from Computer] 

* [ Adobe Acrobat] 

* [ Google Font Previewer for Chrome] 

* [ Auto Scroll] 

* [ Caret Browsing] 

* [ Google Docs Offline] 

* [ Pinterest Save Button] 

* [ Perapera Chinese Popup Dictionary] 

* [ SMS from Gmail ™ & Facebook™ (MightyText)] 

* [ Scales & Modes Quick Reference] 

* [ Reddit Enhancement Suite] 

* [ Save to Pocket] 

* [ MeasureIt] 

'''Apps: 0'''

Exported with [ Share Extensions for Google Chrome™]